Standardized Testing Policies

Mount Holyoke is a test-optional school, meaning that applicants can choose whether to submit SAT or ACT scores for consideration with their application. Our approach to education and admission is both holistic and individualized. Because standardized tests may not measure the full range of a student’s intellectual and motivational qualities, it is not a required part of our admission process. We do ask that all enrolling students submit scores for data purposes, as outlined in the "Submission of Test Scores for Enrolling Students” section below.

Note: This policy does not apply to English proficiency testing which is required of non-native English speakers.

Home-schooled applicants

Although we are a test-optional institution, standardized test submission in the form of the SAT or ACT is required for home-schooled applicants who have pursued a self-study or online curriculum exclusively. The testing requirement can be waived (on an individual basis) when a student has completed Advanced Placement exams or college-level coursework. We advise home-schooled candidates to contact the admission office for more details about the testing policy and the application process in general.

Test score submission and verification

Students who are submitting standardized test scores may submit self-reported or official scores at the point of application.

Self-reported test scores may be submitted (and updated) in the following ways:

  • Enter scores in the testing section of the Common Application or the Coalition Application. Do not superscore or recalculate your scores in any way; send your scores exactly as you receive them.
  • Email screen shots or scanned copies of the score report from ACT or College Board to Please ensure that your name is legible on the documents.

Official test scores may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Sent directly from the College Board or ACT. Mount Holyoke’s testing codes are 3529 (SAT) and 1866 (ACT).
  • Screen shots or scanned copies of the score report from ACT or College Board submitted by the school counselor to
  • Sent directly by the student's school counselor via email ( or fax (413-538-2409).
  • Sent directly by the student's school counselor via notation on official transcript.

For students who requested their scores be considered for admission, we will verify the accuracy of self-reported scores used during the admission process against the official score report. Early Decision students must submit official scores in January (ED 1) or February (ED 2), and Regular Decision enrolling students must do so in May. Any discrepancy between official and self-reported scores will result in a review of the offer of admission.

While submission is optional at the point of admission, we use standardized test scores for assessment, including the College’s ongoing research into the relationship between standardized testing and success at Mount Holyoke. To that end, we ask that all entering first-year students who have taken standardized tests submit official scores to Mount Holyoke. Students who chose not to submit scores during the application process should submit official scores during the summer, and no later than August 1.

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