Opening and Closing Schedules

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Summer 2021

Dining Commons

Breakfast - 7:30-9 am (June 11-August 8 only)
Lunch - 12-1 pm
Dinner - 5-5:30 pm

May 17-September 1, Grill and Harvest will be open for lunch and dinner.

June 11-August 8, Classics is open for breakfast.

July 11-July 30, Wok is open for lunch and dinner.

Spring 2021

Dining Commons

Classics, Grill, Harvest, L'Chaim (Kosher), Baraka (Halal), Grab N Go, and Wok will be open for the following meal hours.

Breakfast - 7:15-9:15 am
Lunch - 11 am-2 pm (Grab N Go pre-packaged options within the Dining Commons opens at 10:30 am-2 pm, Monday-Friday starting on 1/19)
Dinner - 5-8 pm

Cochary Pub & Kitchen

Closed until further notice.

Grab & Go

Closed until further notice.

Frances Perk

Closed until further notice.