Anouk Alquier

  • Lecturer in French
Anouk Alquier


Anouk Alquier (she in English, elle/iel in French) teaches French language, culture and literature at all levels and integrates emerging technologies. Besides Second Language Acquisition and Français Langue Étrangère pedagogies, her interests include youth and pop cultures, non-binary French, and contemporary first-person narratives. She currently oversees student placement and coordinate the French language assistants and the French Q&A mentor. She also serves as the liaison to Residential Life for La Maison (the French LLC) and as Faculty Advisor for the French club.

Areas of Expertise

SLA and FLE pedagogies, French pop and youth cultures, non-binary French and contemporary first-person narratives


  • A.B.D., M.A., Washington University in St. Louis
  • M.A., University of Toulouse