Briana Chace


  • Associate Director of Fellowships

Briana Chace ’17 returned to Mount Holyoke College in 2020 after teaching fifth-grade ELA and social studies with Teach for America in Eastern North Carolina. After four years with the Office of Student Success and Advising, Briana now serves as the Associate Director of Fellowships in the Career Development Center. She expertly provides tailored guidance to students and alums as they navigate applications for prestigious nationally and internationally competitive merit-based fellowship opportunities.

Highlighting available opportunities through information sessions and initial conversations, those curious or new to fellowships work with Briana to explore and examine interests that align with their core mission, values, and aspirations. Once an applicant has committed to expending time and energy in pursuit of a fellowship, conversations evolve into reflections upon their past, present, and future to authentically articulate their stories. In collaboration with the Committee on Fellowships and other campus partners, Briana provides intensive writing revision and holistic feedback to move applications to the point of submission. Additionally, she aids in preparation for interviews that may result from the fellowship application process.

Briana works with outstanding students and alums to foster and build upon a legacy of fellowships production at Mount Holyoke College.