Candy Alexandra González ’14

  • Multidisciplinary visual artist, poet, activist and trauma-informed educator
Candy Alexandra González ’14

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Candy Alexandra González ’14 creates work in the spirit of Professor Brené Brown’s iconic Ted Talk titled The Power of Vulnerability, in which Brown declares that “courage can be defined as a person’s ability to tell their story with their whole heart.” Currently, González’s altar installations center on stories of body shame, fat phobia and self-reconciliation. In a society where anti-fat bias is pervasive,González’s poetic and visual art practice serves as a space to share their lived experiences courageously. Their courage is fueled by the work of fat liberationists such as Laura Aguilar and Roxane Gay, whose work permitted González to create art that centers around fat, brown, queer bodies.

Class year: 2014 
Major: romance languages