Cheryl A. Flynn, MD, MS, MA


  • Medical Director
Cheryl Flynn wearing a Mount Holyoke College sweatshirt

Month/year when you joined Health Services: August 2018

Role at Health Services (title, what you do): Director

I wear several hats as the director and only physician staff at CHS. As director I oversee and am responsible for all things Health Services. As medical director, I supervise the medical providers and help create clinical standards for our primary care operations. As team doc, I medically supervise the athletic trainers and consult on health-related policies and protocols for the Athletics Department. As one of the primary care providers, I also see student patients at the health center and share in the on-call duties.

Special interests, skills: I’m a bit of an evidence-based medicine geek; incorporation of behavioral health screening and motivational interviewing in the medical setting; furthering my understanding and role in promoting social justice.

When I’m not at work you may find me… digging in my garden, canning & baking the harvests, or maybe crafting in the basement.

One thing I do to support my own wellbeing is… Name at least one thing each day for which I am grateful.

Areas of Expertise

Board Certified in Family Medicine


  • M.D., Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Family Medicine Residency, University of Virgina
  • M.S., Medical College of Wisconsin (epidemiology)
  • M.A., Syracuse University (family therapy)