Corey Flanders


  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Education
  • on leave spring 2024
Corey Flanders

Corey Flanders received her Ph.D. from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in Social Psychology as well as a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. As an applied social psychologist, Flanders’ work focuses on addressing social issues and promoting positive social change. In particular, she uses tools from Psychology, Gender Studies, and Public Health to investigate concerns related to identity and health equity among marginalized communities with an emphasis on working with young queer and trans people.

Flanders implements mixed-methods and community-based research approaches to identify mental and sexual health disparities experienced by gender and sexual minority people, as well as to explore potential pathways for promoting health equity in these areas. She uses a social ecological model with an intersectional focus to understand how interrelationships between individual, interpersonal, community, and societal factors can promote and inhibit mental and sexual wellbeing. Recently, Flanders has worked with academic and community health center research partners, along with gender and sexual minority young people, to investigate how stigma and social support relate to young queer and trans people’s experiences of mental and sexual health, including access to appropriate health services.

Similar to her research interests, Flanders’ teaching focuses on critical applied perspectives in Social Psychology, incorporating mixed-methods and community-based research approaches into psychological research methods, and health equity as it applies to gender and sexual minority communities.

Areas of Expertise

identity; health equity; community-based research; queer and trans health


  • Ph.D., M.A., University of Hawai'i
  • B.A., University of Kansas


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Recent Publications

A paper authored by Corey Flanders, alum Saachi Khanpur, and student Rose Fitzgerald on intersectional stigma and sexual health among sexual and gender minority women was recently published in Current Sexual Health Reports. 

Flanders, C. E., Khandpur, S., & Fitzgerald, R. (2022). Intersectional stigma and sexual health among sexual and gender minority women. Current Sexual Health Reports, 14, 190-199.

A paper led by Corey Flanders and alums, Mya Wright and Saachi Khanpur, on experiences of sexual violence among an intersectional sample of young bi+ people was recently published in the Journal of Bisexuality.

Flanders, C. E., Wright, M. N., Khandpur, S., Kuhn, S. K., Anderson, R. E., Robinson, M., & VanKim, N. (2022). A quantitative intersectional exploration of sexual violence and mental health among bi+ people: Looking within and across race and gender. Journal of Bisexuality, 22(4), 485-512.

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