Derek Young


  • Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Derek Young

Derek Young's research is in combinatorial matrix theory. Young uses linear algebra and mathematical software to construct matrices that realize the maximum nullity over a set of matrices. Young also uses graph theory to describe the maximum nullity. For instance, each set of matrices that are of interest corresponds to a unique graph. That graph has parameters which bound the maximum nullity above and below.

Areas of Expertise

Combinatorics, linear algebra


  • Ph.D., B.S., Iowa State University

Happening at Mount Holyoke

Recent campus news

Margaret Robinson, Julia and Sarah Ann Adams Professor of Mathematics at Mount Holyoke College, was recognized for support and empowerment of women in the mathematics field.

New faculty Derek Young knows that the “aha” moments students often have in math classes are one of the best rewards in teaching. When the opportunity to work at Mount Holyoke arose, Young knew it would be a great fit because of the focus on teaching.

Recent Publications

Young, D. (2021). Techniques for determining equality of the maximum nullity and the zero forcing number of a graph. The Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 37, 295–315.

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