Emily Thurlow


  • Assistant Director, Public Affairs & Executive Communications

Raised in a hair salon overhearing the stories of so many, it should come as no surprise that Emily Thurlow has spent most of her adult life sharing the stories of others.

As an award-winning journalist and photojournalist, Emily roved from central and western Massachusetts to Arizona, Pennsylvania and back home to the commonwealth by way of the Berkshires. Throughout her career she's covered an opioid epidemic, tornado, wildfires and tariff tussles as well as investigating nonprofit issues, education, and arts and culture.

Emily has penned a book chronicling the struggles of opioid addiction in western Massachusetts and a children’s book about accessibility. Additionally, she served as a ghost writer and editor to a small publishing company in eastern Massachusetts. She also briefly performed some commercial voice work.

Emily has also spent some time in state government, working as communications director to Massachusetts state Senator Paul Mark.

Beyond her career, Emily loves to read, refurbish furniture, paint, travel and explore new places, and growing plants – which to her fiancé’s dismay seem to keep multiplying at their western Massachusetts home. Amid the myriad succulents, flowers and ever-growing houseplants, Emily and her fiancé also live with two cats that try to eat said plants.


  • B.A., Worcester State College