Hannah Goodwin


  • Assistant Professor of Film and Media Studies
  • Nexus Track Chair for Journalism, Media, and Public Discourse
Hannah Goodwin

Hannah Goodwin teaches Introduction to Media Studies, as well as various courses on contemporary media cultures. Her research bridges film and media studies with science and technology studies.

Goodwin is currently working on the manuscript of her first book, Sky, Stars, and Screen: Cinematic Cosmologies, 1896 – 1962, which traces the intersecting histories of cinema and astronomy. This book focuses on the early- to mid-20th century, when Einstein's theories of relativity were gaining traction globally, and identifies the common ways film and new astrophysics seemed to allow for temporal and spatial mobility in an age of geopolitical unrest.

Goodwin has also done interdisciplinary research on social media and censorship in Mongolia, Turkey and Zambia as part of a team of researchers at UC Santa Barbara.


  • Ph.D., M.A., University of California - Santa Barbara
  • B.A., Carleton College

Recent Publications

Goodwin, H. (2024). Stardust: Cinematic Archives at the End of the World. University of Minnesota Press.

Recent Honors

Goodwin worked with colleagues at UC Santa Barbara and UC Berkeley to co-organize a conference on the topic "Mediating Deep Time," addressing the ways media can expose us to and ask us to think through radically long-term perspectives even in a time of climate change, mass extinction, and the “Anthropocene.” The conference is being held this week on the UCSB campus.

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