Happening at Mount Holyoke

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A startup is attempting to combat climate change by seeding the skies with sulfur dioxide–filled balloons. Mount Holyoke’s Kevin Surprise says scientists think the venture is full of holes.

New faculty Kevin Surprise was attracted to Mount Holyoke due to its small class sizes and the students’ curiosity. “The students drive the content and the questions that we explore in class,” he said.

Mount Holyoke’s Kevin Surprise cautions that a new push to use geoengineering to darken the sky and slow global warming outstrips international agreements.

Recent Publications

Surprise, K., & Sapinski, J. P. (2022). Whose climate intervention? Solar geoengineering, fractions of capital, and hegemonic strategy. Capital & Class, online first, 1-26.

Stephens, J. C., Kashwan, P., McLaren, D., & Surprise, K. (2021). The Dangers of Mainstreaming Solar Geoengineering: A Critique of the National Academies Report. Environmental Politics, 1-10.

Claire, T., & Surprise, K. (2021). Moving the Rain: Settler Colonialism, the Capitalist State, and the Hydrologic Rift in California’s Central Valley. Antipode, online first. 

Stephens, J. & Surprise, K. (2020). The hidden injustices of advancing solar geoengineering research. Global Sustainability, 3, E2.

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