Kyae-Sung Park

  • Five College Lecturer in Korean
Kyae-Sung Park

Kyae-Sung Park teaches Korean at all levels. Her research interests include first (L1) and second (L2) language acquisition, Korean linguistics, and language pedagogy. She is interested in the discourse effects of information structure on native and non-native speakers’ choices in word‑order alternations. Her research is concerned with whether properties pertaining to different linguistic and extralinguistic levels cause difficulties for L2 learners – and if so, how these difficulties can be theoretically explained and then practically overcome in the L2 classroom.

Areas of Expertise

First and Second Language Acquisition; Child Second Language Acquisition; Language Pedagogy


  • Ph.D., University of Hawaii, Manoa
  • A.B.D., Sogang University
  • M.A., Southern Illinois University
  • M.A., B.A., Gangneung-Wonju National University

Recent Publications

Park, K.-S. (2021). Given-before-New and Theory of Mind in English-acquiring children. Discourse and Cognition, 28(1), 105-127.

Park, K.-S. (2018). Information structure in canonical vs. scrambled dative order in L2 Korean. Linguistics Vanguard, 4, 1–14. 

Recent Honors

Park, K.-S., J-Y Kim & H-Y. Smith (2019). Designing and implementing YouTube vlog projects in the language classroom. American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Annual Convention (2019 ACTFL). Washington, D. C. November 23      

Park, K.-S., J-Y Kim & H-Y. Smith. (2019). Using vlogs to promote a social learning environment for (post)digital natives in KFL classrooms. American Association of Teachers of Korean 24th Annual Conference (AATK 24). University of Minnesota, Minneapolis. June 20

Park, K.-S. (2019). L2 children’s adherence to the given-before-new principle in dative alternations. International Workshop on the L1 and L2 Acquisition of Information Structure. KU Leuven, Belgium. April 26

Park, K.-S. (2018). KFL learners’ acquisition of scrambling and non-scrambling with give-type verbs. American Association of Teachers of Korean 23rd Annual Conference (AATK 23). University of Toronto, Canada. June 22

Park, K.-S. (2017). A bidirectional study on the givenness constraint in L2-English and L2-Korean. American Association for Applied Linguistics 2017 Conference (AAAL 2017). Portland, OR. March 18

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