Lisha Xu

  • Senior Lecturer in Asian Studies
Lisha Xu

Lisha Xu's research interests are Chinese pedagogy, Chinese character and word acquisition and instruction, technology-assisted Chinese language learning, and inclusive teaching in foreign language classrooms. She conducted research projects on:

  • Designing multimedia materials to teach listening
  • Technology-assisted character and vocabulary acquisition and teaching
  • Online teaching and learning curricular design
  • Social media-enhanced pedagogy
  • Blended learning approaches

Areas of Expertise

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language


  • M.A., University of Iowa
  • B.A., Shandong University

Associated Courses

At Mount Holyoke College, Lisha Xu teaches Chinese at all levels. Those courses include:

  • First-year Chinese, Second-year Chinese, and Third-year Chinese
  • Newspaper Reading and Journalistic Practice in China
  • Learning Chinese Through Film
  • Advanced Chinese Reading: Literary
  • Advanced Chinese Reading: Chinese Classics: 17th Century Short Stories
  • Business Culture and Communication in China

Happening at Mount Holyoke

Recent Campus News

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Recent Publications

Xu, L. (2017). Developing multimedia supplementary materials to support learning beginning level Chinese characters. In K. Borthwick, L. Bradley & S. Thouësny (Eds), CALL in a climate of change: adapting to turbulent global conditions – short papers from EUROCALL 2017 (pp. 333-338). rpnet.2017.eurocall2017.736

Facilitate Autonomous learning of Chinese language with social media enhanced pedagogy, Proceedings of 20th International CALL Research Conference 2019 Xu, L. (2017).

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Character and word Acquisition and Instruction (2nd Edition) (Lisha Xu, Shu Zhu, Sicheng Wang, Beijing Language and Cultural University) Journal Articles Lisha Xu (2019).

Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Vocabulary Acquisition and Instruction (Helen H. Shen, Chen-hui Tsai, Lisha Xu, Shu Zhu, Peking University Press, July 2011)

Materials for Beginning Level (Ying Wang, Lisha Xu, Shin-Yi Kao, Lei Yan, CLERC Publishing, Jan. 2018)

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