Reunion Giving

Honoring the past and impacting the future

As you approach your reunion, memories of your time at Mount Holyoke come flooding back. The campus, traditions, classes, friends. Moments in time. Life-changing experiences that set you on your course. Today’s Mount Holyoke students are capturing new moments, pocketing them as they go forth with their lives.

The constant is Mount Holyoke College. It’s surely a different world now, but the mission remains the same. Access to education. Championing an inclusive community. Embracing a global mindset. Guiding future leaders.

Your reunion is an ideal time to honor your Mount Holyoke experience, pay tribute to your education, and have a significant impact on current and future students who follow in your footsteps.

At this special time of celebration, how will you honor your past and impact the future?

Reunion class totals

The following totals will be shared with Head Class Agents for celebration at reunion.

  1. The current fiscal year Mount Holyoke Fund total
    The current fiscal year Mount Holyoke Fund total includes gifts and pledges made during the Reunion fiscal year.
  2. The 5-year Mount Holyoke Fund total
    The 5-year Mount Holyoke Fund total includes gifts and pledges made during the 5-year reunion cycle. The 5-year Mount Holyoke Fund total is the primary focus of the 50th Reunion Gift Committee.
  3. The 5-year Comprehensive total
    The 5-year comprehensive total includes all gifts and pledges to all funds and purposes during the 5-year reunion cycle. It includes the following:
    • All commitments to The Mount Holyoke Fund
    • All commitments to other areas of the College including endowment gifts, capital projects, restricted funding for programs such as the Art Museum
    • Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Trusts — recognized at face value
    • Documented bequest intentions (for the 50th Reunion and beyond)

Mount Holyoke welcomes and credits all giving, whether it be gifts to The Mount Holyoke Fund for current use, establishing endowed funds into perpetuity or future giving through life income vehicles and bequests.

All reunion gift totals are announced at Reunion.

Giving opportunities

Your participation in The Mount Holyoke Fund has the greatest immediate impact, touching every student, faculty and staff person on campus. Giving to The Mount Holyoke Fund consists of gifts of all sizes — from a few dollars to more than $100,000.

You can make your gift today, or make a pledge to give at a future date. Pledges can be structured to be paid in the current fiscal year, or you can choose to make a multi-year pledge to be completed over a maximum of five years.

Class volunteers will be reaching out to encourage support of The Mount Holyoke Fund.

There are a variety of gift destinations to which you may choose to designate your gift within The Mount Holyoke Fund.

Endowed gifts generate a perpetual source of income for Mount Holyoke College and are critical to the College’s long-term financial stability and success.

The impact of an endowed gift helps generations of Mount Holyoke students succeed.

You can establish an endowed fund with a minimum gift of $100,000. When establishing an endowed fund, you choose how the funds will be spent each year: financial aid, internships, faculty support, a specific department, buildings and grounds, or other needs of the College. Work with a gift officer to discuss your philanthropic goals and the needs of the College.

With a little bit of planning, you may take advantage of some creative tools to enhance your 50th reunion giving, and perhaps make a larger gift than you initially thought possible, increasing your impact while creating your legacy at Mount Holyoke.

Life income gifts are just what they sound like. Make a gift to Mount Holyoke, receive an income for you and/or the lifetimes of your loved ones: charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

You can establish a charitable gift annuity (CGA) with a minimum of $10,000 to benefit up to two people with dependable fixed income for life and support any area of the College that you wish. You can choose from an immediate payment gift annuity and a deferred payment gift annuity.

With a minimum of $100,000, you can set up a charitable remainder unitrust that offers a flexible income, with potential for growth over time, for you and/or loved ones lives or for a specific number of years.

Making Mount Holyoke a beneficiary of your will, trust, retirement account or life insurance, is another way you can create your legacy at the College.

When approaching your 50th reunion, you have a unique opportunity to have your future gift acknowledged and celebrated. A bequest is simple and non-binding. Simply complete a bequest intention form and provide a copy of the paragraph mentioning Mount Holyoke from your will or trust, or a copy of the beneficiary form from your retirement account or life insurance policy and today’s value of your future bequest is included in your Class Comprehensive Total. Learn more about designating beneficiaries.

Contact Development’s Gift Planning professionals to learn how to “document” your future bequest and have it celebrated at Reunion.

Development Reunion Awards

Each year, the end of May signifies a special time at Mount Holyoke, as we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduating class and welcome alums back for Reunion.

Over the course of two Reunion weekends, we recognize alums who are doing extraordinary work for the Mount Holyoke community and around the world, share incredible class histories and celebrate the tremendous outpouring of support for the College.

Yellow Spinx class symbol

The Sphinx Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest total participation in giving to Mount Holyoke during the reunion fiscal year.


Red Pegasus class symbol

The Pegasus Award

Awarded to the reunion class that raises the most total dollars for immediate use through The Mount Holyoke Fund during the reunion fiscal year.

The blue lion class symbol

The Lion Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest total giving to all funds and purposes during the five-year reunion cycle.


Green Griffin class symbol

The Griffin Award

Awarded to the reunion class with the highest percentage of Laurel Chain Society members.

Celebrating Mount Holyoke

Recent award recipients