Success Ready: Powerful Lessons from Mount Holyoke

Along with being honored for their intellectual accomplishments, members of Mount Holyoke College’s class of 2015 were applauded at commencement for having the smarts to choose a liberal arts college. National education advocate Carol Geary Schneider ’67, who delivered the keynote address, made it clear that Mount Holyoke graduates are uniquely positioned for professional success—in whatever field they choose—because they have learned to innovate, think outside the box, and seize opportunities.

Here are five other powerful intangibles that class of 2015 graduates will take with them into the world:

  1. A sense of direction

    Arriving at Mount Holyoke, Emily Wells ’15 didn’t know where she wanted her education to take her. “Through exploring subjects that were not directly related to my history major, I had the chance to enrich my intellectual understanding and discover my path,” says Wells.

  2. The desire to consider a diverse set of opinions on issues

    Dominique Mortimer ’15 credits Mount Holyoke’s distinctive environment with deepening her appreciation for the value of wide-ranging experiences. “And diverse opinions are essential to challenging the master narrative that often excludes particular populations,” Mortimer says.

  3. The tools to see inequity in the world, and to do something about it

    In and out of the classroom, students are challenged to remove their filters, see clearly, and act. “Mount Holyoke prioritizes women’s voices,” says Jennie Ochterski ’15. “I’ve learned to be a strong, clear communicator and to express myself in a way that has political impact.”

  4. The ability to understand and appreciate differences between people

    Regina Crawford ’15 describes learning from her Mount Holyoke sisters about their stories, cultures, norms, and values as an “amazing” education. “Being able to surround myself with people from different walks of life is something I will miss deeply,” she says.

  5. Leadership skills and confidence

    At Mount Holyoke, Zoe Snow ’15 grew as a pre-med student struggling to find her footing, as a person encountering her own identities, and as a leader capable of embracing differences and working toward common goals. “No matter where I go after graduation, I know I have the qualifications to succeed as well as the support of the incredible MHC network,” she says.

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