Eugenio Marcano

Manager of the Geo-Processing Lab; Instructor in Geology and Geography

I have 20+ years of experience in GIS and spatial analysis of data. I have been working as GPL manager at Mt. Holyoke College since Summer 2006. Before, I was an assistant professor of GIS at Clark University, Worcester, MA. And before that, I taught and worked with GIS for different universities and public and private institutions in the Dominican Republic.

My interests are the application of geospatial technologies to natural resources management, although I have been involved with many other applications of GIS. Among the research I've been involved before coming to MHC include a study of hunger issues and food distribution in the Horn of Africa and in Worcester County, land use planning and land cover contrasts along the Haitian/Dominican Border, development of geospatial database for natural resources in the Dominican Republic, conservation planning in the Blackstone River watershed, etc.

Advisee's and Research

I have been major advisor of the following M.A. students and research at Clark University:

  • Carlos Armas (GISDE/MA ’05): Association between traffic density and other environmental variable with childhood asthma in Worcester, MA
  • Christopher Ayres (GISDE/MA ’05): Land Cover Change and Landscape Fragmentation on the Border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • Eben Swain (GISDE/MA ’05): Use of Remotely Sensed Imagery to Assess Land Use Change and Runoff Characteristics in the Blackstone River Watershed
  • Matt Traina (GISDE/MA ’04): Spatial Epidemiology: Using Data Mining Techniques to Investigate Canine Malignant Lymphoma in Massachusetts
  • Ahmad Bintouq (GISDE/MA ’04): A Framework for a National Effort towards Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the United Arab Emirates: A Case Study of the Government GIS
  • Miguel Castrence (GISDE/MA ’03): Rapid Coral Reef Assessment with Remote Sensing: Local Spatial Autocorrelation in Landsat ETM + Imagery as an Indicator of Ecosystem Health.
  • Maction Komwa (GISDE/MA ’03): Identification of Best-bet Maize-based Cropping Systems in Malawi
  • Oscar Maroto (IDSC/MA '03): Use of GIS and Stakeholder Participation to Determine Conservation Priorities in the Massachusetts Section of the Blackstone River Watershed