An aerial photo of the Mount Holyoke College Science Center

Science Center

This complex includes labs dedicated to molecular biology, genetics, advanced physics and optics. In facilities ranked among the best in the U.S., per the 2019 Princeton Review, students access everything from scanning and transmission electron microscopes and DNA sequencing equipment to a custom-built Mössbauer spectrometer and an atomic force microscope. As a science student at Mount Holyoke, you can get practical experience with this sophisticated equipment as early as your first year.

Facilities and Laboratories

Many of our science departments offer opportunities for research projects in one or more labs. 

A student using the uv vis atomic force microscope

Among the instruments in this facility are scanning and transmission electron microscopes, a confocal microscope and an atomic force microscope. The lab is also equipped with a variety of sample preparation equipment and supplies.

Students working in lab with faculty.

A 15-month mentored research experience for exceptional undergraduate students in chemistry, biological sciences or interdisciplinary combinations. Selected scholars will work on a one-on-one mentored research project with the available faculty mentor in their field.

Science Center Faculty & Staff

Department head(s)

Jared Schwartzer

  • Associate Professor of Psychology and Education
  • Director of the Science Center
  • Chair of Geology & Geography

Faculty and staff

Kathleen (Katie) Byrne

  • Animal Care Technician

Rob Higley

  • Physics & Science Center Technician

Eugenio Marcano

  • Manager of the Geo-Processing Lab
  • Instructor in Geology and Geography

Cheryl McGraw

  • Academic Department Coordinator

Willie Perreault

  • Operations Manager for Science Education and Research