Sally Sutherland

Senior Lecturer Emeritus in English
Shakespeare and other early modern playwrights; Shakespeare in performance (stage and film); the court masque; sixteenth and seventeenth century poetry and prose.

Sally Sutherland's primary field of interest is the drama of Shakespeare and his contemporaries. Her book Masques in Jacobean Tragedy (AMS Press, 1983) looks at six revenge tragedies in which inserted court masques play pivotal roles.  More recent research has focused on filmed versions of Shakespeare’s plays, on Shakespearean poetics, and on diagnosis (and misdiagnosis) as a literary trope.

Though primarily an administrator until her return to the full-time faculty in 2013, Sutherland has taught a range of English courses including 101 and 200, 200-level surveys, and seminars on political theater and Shakespeare on film.  She has served as first-year dean, dean of studies, associate dean of faculty, and senior advisor to the president.


  • Masques in Jacobean Tragedy (New York: AMS Press, 1983)
  • "Not or I see more neede: The Wife of Noah in the Chester, York, and Towneley Cycles," in Shakespeare and the Dramatic Tradition, ed. W. R. Elton and William B. Long (Newark: U Delaware Press, 1989)