Registration for Five College Students

This policy is for Five College Students who are interested in taking a course at Mount Holyoke College.

Registering for Mount Holyoke Courses

You must register for a Mount Holyoke course according to your home registrar’s procedures and policies. They will notify us of your request which we will process if possible or, in the case of a closed (full) class, we will notify your home registrar so that they can contact you.

If you are not allowed to register for a course during the registration period in November/April due to the course being full, you are welcome to attend the first class meeting and talk to the professor to see if you can gain admission to the class.  If the instructor will allow you to register, you must supply your home institution with whatever form of permission your registrar’s office requires.

Students who are unable to attend the first class meeting and wish to be considered for a space in the course should contact the instructor directly prior to the start of classes. Instructors' email addresses can be found in the Mount Holyoke College Directory.

All courses require instructor permission before registration during the Add/Drop periods in September and January.

Classroom locations for Mount Holyoke courses are available online to anyone, without login, through the Search for Classes. Search for your class, and the location will be displayed. If you click on the location, you will see the book list for the class (required textbooks etc.).

Mount Holyoke Calendar

Mount Holyoke classes are rarely cancelled because of poor weather conditions. You may consult the Mount Holyoke College General Announcement Line (413-538-2330) for current information on delayed College openings, early closings, or other events such as Mountain Day.

You should check the Mount Holyoke Academic Calendar, so that you are aware of any holidays or other schedule differences between Mount Holyoke's calendar and your home campus'.

End of the Semester

Any Five College student who, for reasons of illness, emergency or extenuating personal circumstances, cannot complete his/her work by the end of the semester must request an extension, before the end of the final examination period, through the Mount Holyoke College academic deans’ office. In cases of illness, the Dean of Studies may request the student to obtain documentation from the Health Service at the student's home campus. Only the Mount Holyoke Dean of Studies may authorize an extension/incomplete, for any reason, beyond the end of the final examination period.

Final examinations at Mount Holyoke College are primarily self-scheduled, meaning that you may decide in which exam period to take the final during the examination days at the end of the semester. Only courses whose final exams involve slides, dictation or recordings are not self-scheduled and instead are assigned a set date and time for their exam. You must bring your student ID card from your home school with you to the examination center to take any exam; without an ID, you will not be allowed to take your final examination.  All students should be aware that they are not permitted to complete examinations early and are not permitted to make special arrangements with faculty to complete exams outside the examination period. When making your end-of the-semester travel arrangements, be sure your plans do not conflict with the MHC examination schedule. Exam schedule information is posted on the Registrar’s website by mid-semester.

Your final grade in any MHC course will be forwarded to your home registrar after the instructor has submitted grades for the entire course.  You should check for your MHC grade where you usually look for grades from your home school.

Access to Online Course Materials

Mount Holyoke's online course management system is Moodle.  Most of Mount Holyoke’s courses use Moodle to distribute course materials online or to conduct other course business over the web (submitting assignments, etc.)  If your MHC course uses Moodle, the instructor will tell you so during the course or in his/her syllabus.

Once your registration for a Mount Holyoke course has been passed from your home school to the Mount Holyoke Registrar and the latter has registered you for the course, you will automatically be added to the course's roster in Moodle. You will not need an MHC guest account -- or any extra credentials -- to access Mount Holyoke courses for which you are registered. You must, however, go to Mount Holyoke's Moodle site -- not the Moodle site for your home campus. Mount Holyoke's Moodle site is available at this URL: Once at that site, click Login in the upper right and then click on the logo for your HOME school. Then type in your home school's user ID and password.

If the course has already begun and you have not fully completed registration procedures (and thus do not appear on your instructor’s official course roster yet), send your instructor an email including your account name at your home school (not your password) and request that s/he manually add you to the course’s Moodle roster.


If you would like to request accommodations at Mount Holyoke, please visit the AccessAbility Services website for instructions.


Please consult the Five College bus schedule as needed to plan travel times between the campuses.