Mount Holyoke and the Community

Mount Holyoke and South Hadley

Since 1837, we’ve been located in South Hadley, Massachusetts. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Together, the town and the campus create a vibrant intellectual hub with international character, where you might hear four different languages on your walk to get coffee. You’re guaranteed to run into people you know, and it’s just those sorts of chance connections that could inspire a groundbreaking idea — or maybe just dinner plans.

Around town

You’ll discover your favorite spots all on your own, but here’s a list of some of the community’s top picks to get you started, from museums and shopping to dining.

Image Courtesy of Ellen Alvord, Art Museum

Whether with a class, with a friend or on your own, a visit to the Art Museum always promises a new discovery.

Professor Ajay Sinha teaches a class in the Joseph Allen Skinner Museum.

The wide-ranging collection at the Skinner Museum — yes, it includes the door from Mary Lyon’s childhood home — offers unexpected and often surprising sources of inspiration.

Students walking near the Village Commons in South Hadley

From great food to banks to window shopping, the Village Commons offers you a little bit of everything.

Odyseey Bookshop

The bookshop has been a renowned, independent retailer of books since 1963. Chances are good you’ll come out with something, even if you’re “just looking.”

McCray's Farm

A fall favorite, McCray’s Farm features a pumpkin patch, hayrides and homemade ice cream.

The Lady Bea boat tour in South Hadley

To gain a whole new perspective on our region, there’s nothing like a relaxing boat cruise.