Accommodations for Food Allergies or Medically Restricted Diets

Our menus have been developed to offer the flexibility and variety to reasonably meet most of your dietary needs.

Medically restricted diets

The staff in Dining Services has had long-standing success working with students with medically restricted diets.

If you have a food allergy or a medically related dietary condition, you can contact or menu coordinator to set up a meeting to discuss your special dietary requirements. At this meeting, you can expect to discuss:

  • Diet history of foods that you can and cannot tolerate.
  • All of the food options and/or allergy-alternative food products that Dining Services has available.
  • How to access menus on our website and obtain any nutritional and food content information.
  • An introduction to the dining hall staff that will be working with you, if necessary.

In some cases, we can institute a program to reasonably accommodate your medically restricted dietary needs that would include modified or alternative food preparation and products. 

If we determine that we cannot accommodate your condition, you may be considered for a board plan exemption. This is the only circumstance in which exemption from the board plan will be considered.