Why a Women’s College?

Mount Holyoke prepares women for leadership on a global scale. Our graduates thrive in all fields, on all continents, and in a dizzying array of languages. In 1837, we pioneered higher education for women. Today, in the twenty-first century, we continue to embolden women to break boundaries, shake off limits, and take the lead.

Ahead of the Curve

Being ahead of the curve is our legacy and our calling card: we have remained a women’s college by choice. We attract world-class faculty and students because we are different. Learning feels different here: It’s collaborative. It’s forward-thinking. It’s cognizant of the common good. It’s equal parts ambitious and audacious.

For the two percent of women who choose a women’s college, 100 percent of the resources and leadership opportunities are designed for and dedicated to them. In such an environment, women are more likely to:

  • challenge themselves academically
  • immerse themselves in campus life
  • seek out leadership roles.

Another secret of the two percent? Upon graduation, they are increasingly in demand by top employers who recognize their leadership potential.


Research confirms more advantages too. A study by Indiana University’s Center for Postsecondary Research compared the experiences of students at women’s colleges to those at coed institutions. Guess which group:

  • reported having more regular interaction with faculty members
  • credited their college with greater frequency for helping them learn more about themselves, hone quantitative analysis skills, and develop a desire to help their communities?

You guessed it: students at women’s colleges.  

View findings on the long-term impact of the women’s college experience »


Mount Holyoke is committed to the success of its students. To that end, we offer rigorous, innovative academics and maintain robust facilities. We develop experiential learning and facilitate (and fund) internships both in the community and across the globe. And we connect students with female mentors and role models, through both our distinguished faculty and the College’s powerful network of 35,000 alumnae.


These are just some of the reasons why Mount Holyoke College stands out. Our graduates do the same. They stand up, stand out, and stand together. They lead the way—in boardrooms, courtrooms, laboratories, halls of government, design studios, and trading floors. Some make headlines; others head up change. All are prepared to make their voices and ideas heard.

You don’t have to be perfect. Just prepared. For women who want to get it done, Mount Holyoke will get you started.