The discipline of computer science examines, at one extreme, the core question of what can be computed and at the other, whether the combination of algorithms and computers can lead to intelligence. In between these limits, it continues to produce new ideas that change how people work, play, and interact with each other. All courses are designed to contribute in various ways to the College’s Learning Goals and the Computer Science Department's Learning Goals.

The Computer Science Major

The major in computer science is designed to meet the broad needs of students in a liberal arts environment. CS majors learn to write programs well, but they also investigate broader issues of the power, limitations, and applications of computing. A major in computer science consists of a minimum of 40 credits; for details about required courses, see the Computer Science chapter of the catalog.

Our program offers solid preparation for independent research leading to an honors thesis, graduate study, and work in computing.

The Computer Science Minor

A minor in computer science consists of a minimum of 20 credits (five courses). Students interested in a minor should consult with a member of the computer science faculty.