Becky W. Packard meeting with students


Our holistic student-centered approach to advising will help you make connections between experiences and assist you in charting your unique pathway through your College experience.

You choose your own path at Mount Holyoke, but it’s not a journey you’re expected to make alone. From day one, you can call on a team of advisors who are here to support and guide you when you need them. And as you continue to explore and grow during your time here, you’ll continue to add to your team, from coaches to religious and spiritual leaders to career advisors and more. By the time you’re ready to graduate, you’ll have connections and meaningful relationships that span the academic, the personal and the professional — and they’ll stay with you long after you leave campus.

Integrated advising graphic - with the student at the center
Our Integrated Advising model puts the student at the center, helping you make connections between course work, leadership, experiential learning, research and internships.