Study Abroad and Study Away Programs

Whether you are interested in language immersion, field studies, or a traditional classroom-based experience, there is a program that is right for you: Mount Holyoke students may choose from more than 150 programs in 50 countries and several programs at other institutions in the United States.

Approved study abroad programs

See the study abroad resource site for more information on any of these programs.


  • Middlebury College Program in Yaounde


  • CIEE Program at the University of Ghana

Israel (temporarily suspended)

  • Ben-Gurion University
  • University of Haifa
  • Hebrew University


  • CET Jordan
  • CIEE Middle East Studies Program
  • SIT Geopolitics, International Relations, and the Future of the Middle East
  • AMIDEAST Area and Arabic Language Studies Program
  • Middlebury College Program in Jordan


  • SIT Kenya: Global Health and Human Rights Program


  • SIT Migration and Transnational Identity Program
  • SIT Morocco: Human Rights, Social Justice, and Cultural Transformation
  • AMIDEAST Area and Arabic Language Studies Program

Nambia & South Africa

  • Arcadia/Augsburg Decolonizing the Mind: Racial and Environmental Justice
  • CIEE Program at the University of Cape Town


  • School for Field Studies Program in Wildlife Management Studies


  • University of Queensland
  • SIT Program in Sustainability and Environmental Action
  • Australian National University
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Western Australia
  • University of Sydney
  • James Cook University
  • School for Field Studies Rainforest Studies 


  • MHC University of Hong Kong Exchange
  • CET Beijing Chinese Language Program
  • CIEE Accelerated Chinese Language Program
  • IFSA Study in Shanghai


  • Associated Kyoto Program 
  • Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies 
  • IES Program in Nagoya 
  • CIEE Program at Sophia University 
  • International Christian University (UMass Exchange) 
  • MHC/Japan Women's University Exchange
  • Sophia University (UMass Exchange) 


  • Middlebury in Kazakhstan


  • Bard Abroad in Bishkek
  • SRAS Central Asian Studies


  • MHC/Ewha Womans University Exchange
  • CIEE Arts & Sciences at Yonsei University 


  • SIT Tibetan and Himalayan Peoples 

New Zealand

  • University of Auckland
  • Frontiers Abroad Earth Systems Program 
  • University of Canterbury
  • Frontiers Abroad Geology of New Zealand Program
  • Victoria University
  • University of Otago


  • SIT Program in Social and Environmental Change in Oceania 

Sri Lanka

  •  IFSA Study in Sri Lanka Research Program 


  • CET Taiwan Study Abroad


  • IES Vienna: European Society & Culture 
  • IES Vienna: Music  

Czech Republic

  • CET Prague
  • CIEE Central European Studies Program 
  • CIEE Film Studies Program 
  • CIEE Prague Communications, New Media & Journalism


  • DIS Copenhagen 


  • APA Paris Immersion Program
  • CIEE Liberal Arts in Paris
  • CUPA Immersion in Paris
  • IES French Language Immersion & Area Studies in Nantes
  • MHC/Institut d'Etudes Politique ("Sciences Po" ) Exchange
  • Middlebury Schools Abroad Paris
  • University of Minnesota Language & Culture in Southern France in Montpellier


  • MHC/Berlin School of Economics and Law Exchange 
  • CIEE Global Architecture & Design in Berlin
  • IES Environmental Studies & Sustainability in Freiburg
  • IES Language and Area Studies Program in Berlin 
  • IES Program on the European Union 
  • Smith College Program in Hamburg 
  • MHC/University of Leipzig Exchange 
  • UMass Baden-Württemberg Exchanges 


  • College Year in Athens 


  • Aquincum Institute of Technology (AIT) 
  • Budapest Semester in Mathematics


  • University College Cork
  • IFSA Burren College of Art 
  • IES Program at Gaiety School of Acting 
  • Trinity College Dublin
  • University College Dublin
  • University of Ireland Galway
  • University of Limerick


  • Bologna Consortial Studies Program  
  • Middlebury College Program in Florence 
  • Smith College Program in Florence
  • Syracuse University Program in Florence 
  • IES Program in Milan 
  • Boston University Italian Studies Program 
  • IES Program in Rome: Language and Area Studies 
  • Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome 
  • Trinity College Program in Rome 
  • CET Siena 
  • Siena School for Liberal Arts


  • CIEE Social Sciences and Humanities Program  
  • IES: Business & Economics in Amsterdam  
  • IES: Law and Criminology in Amsterdam 
  • IES: Psychology & Science in Amsterdam
  • IES: Social Sciences and Humanities in Amsterdam  
  • SIT International Perspectives on Sexuality and Gender 
  • Maastricht University Center for European Studies 

Russia (temporarily suspended)


  • SIT Belgrade, Budapest, and Vienna: Comparative European Perspectives on Conflict and Democracy


  • PRESHCO Program in Cordoba
  • IES Program in Madrid: Area Studies 
  • IES Program in Salamanca: Language and Area Studies 
  • Spanish Studies Abroad/Center for Cross-Cultural Study
  • CIEE Liberal Arts Program 
  • CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts Program 
  • CIEE Program in Communications, New Media, and Journalism 
  • University of Virginia in Valencia 


  • DIS Stockholm 
  • The Swedish Program 


United Kingdom

  • Advanced Studies in England
  • Glasgow School of Art
  • King's College London
  • London School of Economics
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University, Pembroke College
  • Queen Mary University of London
  • Queen's University, Belfast
  • Royal Holloway, University of London
  • Sarah Lawrence London Theatre Program 
  • SOAS University of London
  • University College London
  • University of Edinburgh
  • University of Essex
  • University of Glasgow
  • University of Kent
  • University of St. Andrews
  • University of Sussex
  • University of York
  • Pittsburgh-London Film Program 


  • CIEE Liberal Arts Program 
  • IFSA Argentine Universities Program


  • CET Brazil 


  • CIEE Liberal Arts Program 
  • IFSA Chilean Universities Program in Santiago
  • IFSA Chilean Universities Program in Valparaiso

Costa Rica

  • SFS Costa Rica 


  • IFSA Program in Havana 
  • Spanish Studies Abroad Integrated Studies Program in Havana

Dominican Republic

  • CIEE Liberal Arts Program in Santiago 


  • SIT Comparative Ecology & Conservation 


  • CIMAT Mathematical Sciences Semester
  • IFSA Mérida Universities Program
  • SIT Migration, Borders, and Transnational Communities 


  • SIT Tropical Ecology, Marine Ecosystems, and Biodiversity Conservation - 


  • SIT Indigenous Peoples & Globalization 

Turks & Caicos Islands

  • School for Field Studies Marine Resource Studies 

Studying at another U.S. institution

Mount Holyoke has approved a number of study away programs where you can make connections beyond our campus while continuing to study in the United States.

This program provides you with the opportunity to apply to spend a year or a semester at one of the other participating institutions: Amherst College, Bowdoin College, Connecticut College, Dartmouth College, O'Neill National Theatre Institute, Smith College, Trinity College, Vassar College, Wellesley College, Wesleyan University, Wheaton College, Williams College/Mystic Seaport Museum Program in Coastal and Ocean Studies.

Contact the Office of Academic Deans for more information about the exchange program.

As a participant in this program you would take part in an intensive internship and seminar related to the program focus, and conduct an independent research project or take an elective course at American University to round out the semester.

See the MHC Semester in DC program for more information.

The Semester in Environmental Science (SES) is an intensive, 15-week program that immerses students in rigorous field and laboratory work, lectures, and independent research in environmental and ecosystems sciences at one of the world’s leading marine laboratories.

Contact the Office of Academic Deans for more information.

You may apply to study at an accredited institution in the US that is not affiliated with Mount Holyoke. Mount Holyoke is not responsible for coordinating or administering any programs of study away from campus. You are responsible for obtaining admission to the program or institution of your choice. You must apply as a “non-degree seeking student”, not as a transfer student. If you are admitted elsewhere as a transfer students you must withdraw from Mount Holyoke, even if you intend to return here upon completion of the year or semester away. Readmission to Mount Holyoke in such cases is readily granted if the you left the College in good standing.

Contact the Office of Academic Deans for more information.

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