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  • Naomi Darling

Darling, N. (2021) A Performative Regionalist View on Site. In Andrea Kahn and Carol Burns, editors, Site Matters - Strategies for Uncertainty Through Planning and Design, 2nd ed., (pp. 269). New York, NY: Routledge.

Naomi Darling Architecture was awarded two AIA awards in December from the Western Mass AIA Chapter.    Takahashi-Harb Loft and Library was awarded a Merit Award. This was a conversion of a ground floor walk-out basement and garage into a one bedroom loft-style apartment and library in Milford CT.   Solar Time was awarded a Citation Award. The project was a collaboration with Darrell Petit, and was part of the XTCA - Cross Town Contemporary Art Exhibition organized by the UMass University Museum of Contemporary Art.

Naomi Darling Architecture LLC received an AIA (American Institute of Architects) New England Merit Award for Design Excellence for Takahashi-Harb Loft and Library Project in Milford CT. The Takahashi-Harb Loft and Library is an interior renovation and conversion of an existing ground floor walk-out basement and two-car garage into one-bedroom loft-style mother-in-law apartment and separate library workspace. The project enables three generations to live together, and apart, enabling the many social and economic benefits of an intergenerational household.