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  • André White

Simkevich, M. J. [MHC '19], Campbell, R. R. and White, A. O. (2020). Examining Cocaine Conditioning Place Preference in Mice. Bio-protocol 10(8): e3595. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3595.

López, A.J., Hecking, J.K.[MHC '19], White, A.O. (2020). The Emerging Role of ATP-Dependent Chromatin Remodeling in Memory and Substance Use Disorders. Int. J. Mol. Sci., 21: 6816. DOI:10.3390/ijms21186816

Kwapis J.L., Alaghband Y., López A. J., White A. O., Campbell R.R., Dang R.T., Rhee D., Tran A.V., Carl A.E., Matheos D.P., and Wood M.A. (2017). Context and auditory dear are differentially regulated by HDAC3 activity in the lateral and basal subnuclei of the amygdala. Neuropsychopharmacology 42 (6): 1284-1294.

Alaghband, Y., Kwapis, J.L., López, A.J., White, A.O., Aimiuwu, O.V., Al-Kachak, A., Bodinayake, K.K., Oparaugo, N.C., Dang, R., Astarabadi, M., Matheos, D.P., Wood, M.A. (2017) Distinct roles for the deacetylase domain of HDAC3 in the hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex in the formation and extinction of memory. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 145C: 94-104.

White A.O., Kramár E.A., Lopez A.J., Kwapis J.L., Doan J., Saldana D., Davatolhagh M.F., Alaghband Y., Blurton-Jones M., Matheos D.P., and Wood M.A. (2016). The role of neuron-specific nucleosome remodeling in cocaine-associated memories. Nature Communications 7: 11725.

Lopez A.J., Kramár E.A., Matheos D.P., White A.O., Kwapis J.L., Vogel-Ciernia A., Sakata K., Espinoza M., and Wood M.A. (2016). Promoter specific effects of DREADD modulation on hippocampal synaptic plasticity and memory formation. The Journal of Neuroscience 36(12): 3588-3599.

White A.O. and Wood M.A. (2014). Does stress remove the HDAC brakes for the formation and persistence of long-term memory? Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. pii: S1074-7427 (13): 00202-5.

White A.O. and Rauhut A.S. (2014). Time-dependent effects of prazosin on the development of methamphetamine conditioned hyperactivity and context-specific sensitization in mice. Behavioral Brain Research. 263: 80-9.

André White was awarded the 8th Annual Quad-L Early Career Research Award by the Department of Psychology at University of New Mexico.

André White was recently interviewed by National Public Radio (NPR) for an episode of their science podcast, Short Wave. The episode, Our More-Than-Five Senses, can be found here: https://www.npr.org/podcasts/510351/short-wave or wherever you get your podcasts.