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Ali Aslam, Azulina Green ’17, and Savannah Harriman-Pote ’20, "Co-ops at the University: Lessons from Mo'Coffee," paper presented at the Association for Cooperative Educators Annual Conference, Denver, CO, July 18-20, 2017

Katie Berry received a National Science Foundation (NSF) subaward from Oregon State University for the project “Discovery of novel functional RNA classes by computational integration of massively-parallel RBP binding and structure data.” The project is for five years.

Stein EM, Wang S [MHC '23], Dailey K [MHC '22], Gravel CM [MHC '20], Wang S [MHC '22], Olejniczak M & Berry KE. (2023) Biochemical and genetic dissection of the RNA-binding surface of the FinO domain of Escherichia coli ProQ. RNA 29, 1772–1791. doi: 10.1261/rna.079697.123

Brodie, R., Chery, M., Habiba, U., Pradhan, A., 2023. Rising surface temperatures lead to more frequent and longer burrow retreats in males of the fiddler crab, Minuca pugnax. JOURNAL OF THERMAL BIOLOGY 116. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jtherbio.2023.103639

Brodie R., *B. Roberts , *J. Espinosa, *K. Heilman , S. Borgianini, J. Welch , K. Reinsel. 2017. Seasonal and latitudinal variations in the energy reserves of the mud fiddler crab Uca pugnax: implications for the response to climate change. Aquatic Biology 26:113-123.
*indicates undergraduate coauthor

Alyxander Burns’ paper “Who Do We Mean When We Talk About Visualization Novices?” was awarded the Best Paper Award at the ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, the premier international conference of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). This award is given to the top 1% of submissions to the conference.

Jiang, Y., Minett, M., Hazen, E., Wang, W., Alvarez, C., Griffin, J., Nancy, J., & Chen, W. (2022) New Insights into Spin Coating of Polymer Thin Films in Both Wetting and Nonwetting Regimes. Langmuir, 38(41), 12702–12710. DOI: 10.1021/acs.langmuir.2c02206

Bhasiin, K. ['22], Heintz, O. ['21], & Colodner, K. J. (2023). Optimization and Technical Considerations for the Dye-Exclusion Protocol Used to Assess Blood–Brain Barrier Integrity in Adult Drosophila melanogaster. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 24(3), 1886.

Kahlson M.** and Colodner K.J.. (2016) Glial tau pathology in tauopathies: Functional consequences. Journal of Experimental Neuroscience, 9(Suppl 2):43-50. [invited review]
**denotes Mount Holyoke College undergraduate student

Gray, N., C. Corson, L.M. Campbell, P. Wilshusen, R. Gruby, and S. Hagerman. 2023. “Chapter 11: Collaboration.” in Conducting Research on Global Environmental Agreement-Making. eds. H. Hughes and A. Vadrot. Cambridge University Press.