Statistics is a branch of mathematics that deals with the gathering, organizing, analyzing and drawing conclusions from data.

Program Overview

Statistics is used in most of the professions, in most sectors of the economy, and in a great many academic areas.

Courses in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics are designed to:

  • teach the language of the mathematical sciences
  • provide a command of powerful mathematical tools
  • develop problem-solving skills
  • foster the ability to ask questions and make independent discoveries
  • encourage the experience of mathematics as a distinctively rigorous way of knowing.

In addition, especially through the statistics offering, the rich interplay between an applied context and mathematical models in working with numerical data is an area of particular emphasis.

Each year some of our students enter graduate programs in statistics, or in allied fields (business, economics, education, or psychology). Many enter the job market and later pursue advanced degrees.


Alum Connections

Stories from Math and Statistics Alums

Sophia Jung ’22


Clare Schweitzer ’12 Masters Candidate

Laura E. Fernandez ’08 Ph.D., Managing editor, ACS Nano and Nano Letters

Courses and Requirements

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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics strives to teach the language of the mathematical sciences, provide a command of mathematical tools, develop problem-solving skills, foster an ability to ask questions and make independent discoveries.

Connell Heady
  • Academic Department Coordinator

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