Admission Staff

This team of professionals travels the world to meet prospective students and their parents, as well as high school guidance counselors. From January to April you can find them in South Hadley, reviewing applications. Our counselors work closely with an outstanding team of students who give campus tours and interviews, and/or answer questions online.

Our Staff

Department head(s)

Robin Randall

  • Vice President for Enrollment Management


Emily Allyn

  • Senior Associate Director of Admission

Keanu Bryan

  • Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Marissa Caballero

  • Associate Director for Access and Inclusion

Catarina Costa

  • Director of U.S. Admission

Alexis Eldred ’22

  • Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Izabela Karch

  • Senior Assistant Director of Admission

Amy E. Markham

  • Director of International Admission

Christina Quimby ’12

  • Associate Director of Admission

Lilly Saitz ’22

  • Assistant Director of Admission

Evelyn Trier

  • Assistant Director of Admission, Event Coordinator