Outside scholarships can reduce your need to take out loans. We encourage you to apply for outside scholarships by using reputable scholarship searches.

Find an outside scholarship

There are many sources that provide information on how to apply for outside scholarships. The College Board scholarship search is one of several reputable sites that offer free scholarship searches. When searching for outside scholarships, MHC suggests that you speak with your guidance department, perform an internet search on “outside scholarship opportunities” and check with local organizations in your geographic area that offer scholarships for students attending college.

If you receive outside scholarships, awards or other resources, please complete our outside scholarship/outside resources form as soon as possible. Review our outside scholarship policies for information on how scholarships affect the MHC financial aid package.

Be aware of scholarship scams! Be cautious of scholarship search firms that have any of these elements:

  • Must pay a fee. If you have to pay money to get money, it’s probably a scam.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Credit card / bank account information required.
  • Offers exclusive information.
  • Promises cash if you pay a registration fee.
  • Pay a fee and you are guaranteed to win awards.
  • Pay a fee and receive a low interest rate education loan.
  • Promises to replace loans with a grant if you pay a processing fee.

Employer tuition benefits

If your parent receives a tuition benefit for your educational expenses, and this benefit is not listed in your aid package, please notify Student Financial Services. Tuition benefits may cover only the cost of tuition. If a combination of tuition grants exceeds tuition costs, tuition grants will be adjusted accordingly.

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