An emergency pole on the Mount Holyoke College campus

Emergency Phones/Call Boxes

Our campus has a number of emergency telephones strategically placed on campus to provide emergency access to Public Safety and Service. Each emergency phone is a metal box with a luminescent blue light on top and is clearly visible day and night.

These phones ensure an immediate response in the event of a dangerous situation but are NOT to be used in non-emergency situations. You may also use them to report incidents or suspicious people, or to ask for an escort. Simply push the red button on any blue light phone. The phone will signal Public Safety and Service automatically and direct someone to you.

Emergency Phone Locations

In addition to this list, the campus map marks the call box locations.

  • 1837/Mandelles parking lot
  • 1837 Hall, west
  • 79-83 College Street, west
  • Art Building, south
  • Betty Shabazz Cultural Center, south
  • Ciruti, south
  • Clapp, west
  • Creighton Hall, northwest
  • Creighton Hall, southwest
  • Creighton Hall, northeast
  • Creighton Hall, southeast
  • Greenhouse, north
  • Kendall Parking Lot, South
  • Kendall Parking Lot, North
  • Mary Lyon Parking lot, north
  • Newhall Parking Lot, west
  • Observatory, east
  • Otto C. Kohler Building (Facilities Management), west
  • Pratt, northeast
  • Wilder, east