Any emergency should be promptly reported to Public Safety and Service. Alert Public Safety and Service about the nature and location of the emergency and follow instructions provided.

Should a campus emergency exist, Public Safety and Service will activate the Emergency Response Team. The college has a comprehensive emergency response plan that is activated any time an emergency occurs that will require emergency response team oversight to the college's response.

About the Emergency Response Team

The College’s Emergency Response Team assures appropriate response to any campus emergency. This team is made up of members of public safety and service, facilities management, student services and other vital staff and meets regularly to plan campus emergency response, to conduct table-top and live drills to prepare for a variety of campus emergencies, assess and evaluate emergency plans and capabilities, and to debrief after any campus emergency. The Emergency Response Team also works with town police, fire and ambulance personnel to coordinate response efforts and to conduct joint drills.

Weather delays

Alerts regarding weather delays or cancellations are announced at the top of every page of the College website, with details on the campus alerts page.