Nancie Fimbel ’68

  • Retired Higher Education Administrator
  • Mountain View, CA
Nancie Fimbel

Nancie Fimbel received a bachelor's degree in English Literature from Mount Holyoke and Ph.D. in Religion and Literature from the University of Chicago. She spent most of her career as a professor and administrator at the College of Business at San Jose State University, teaching courses such as Business Ethics and Business Communications. She spent nine years as an administrator in the dean’s office, primarily as associate dean but also as interim dean, managing 8000+ majors and 100+ faculty. Her last position at SJSU was as a development officer for the college. After leaving SJSU, she served as Assistant Provost in the United Arab Emirates. Since retiring, Nancie has served on the board of the Center for Employment Training, a school that trains electricians, truck drivers and medical coders, and as newsletter editor of the Emeritus and Retired Faculty Association of SJSU. She enjoys art quilting and hiking.

Class of: 1968
Joined the board: 2023