Sarah Frenette

  • Director of Early Childhood and Elementary Teacher Licensure Programs
  • Teacher Licensure Coordinator
  • Nexus Track Chair for Educational Policy & Practice
Sarah Frennette

As the teacher licensure coordinator for Five Colleges, Inc., I work with students and faculty from Mount Holyoke, Hampshire and Amherst Colleges.   Some of my responsibilities include:

  • Advising students interested in pursuing teaching as a career
  • Identifying and overseeing practicum and pre-practicum placements
  • Developing relationships with area schools and administrators
  • Serving as a three-campus representative to the Massachusetts Department of Education

In addition, I advise students at Mount Holyoke College that are interested in a Nexus in Education Policy and Practice.

Courses Taught

  • The Process of Teaching and Learning: Developing Literacy in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools
  • The Process of Teaching Learning in Secondary and Middle Schools
  • Student Teaching in Early Childhood and Elementary Schools
  • Observing and Assisting in Inclusive Classrooms
  • Practicum Seminar on Teaching and Learning: Early Childhood and Elementary Education
  • Teaching Children Science: College Students in the Elementary Classroom

Areas of Expertise


  • B.A., Smith College, Education and Child Study
  • M.Ed., Smith College