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Mount Holyoke College Visiting Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Williston Observatory Thomas Burbine was interviewed in The Wall Street Journal about the scientific impact of the sample.

New research hints at planetary chaos in some solar systems, which may be incompatible with life, according to Mount Holyoke’s Thomas Burbine.

Mount Holyoke College’s Thomas Burbine has won an award from the American Astronomical Society for his asteroid textbook, which was borne of his teaching.

Recent Awards

Received the 2020 Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award for his book  "Asteroids: Astronomical and Geological Bodies", at the virtual 237th American Astronomical Society meeting.

Received the 2020 Chambliss Astronomical Writing Award from the American Astronomical Society for his undergraduate textbook, Asteroids: Astronomical and Geological Bodies (Cambridge University Press, 2017), a comprehensive interdisciplinary introduction to minor planets, their meteorite fragments and their comet and trans-Neptunian object cousins.

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