Travis Hodges


  • Assistant Professor of Psychology
Travis Hodges, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Hodges is interested in examining sex-specific the involvement of neuronal activation and networks, inflammation, neurogenesis, and gut microbiota in negative cognitive bias, a main symptom of depression, across development. To achieve this, he uses a rat model of depressive-like behavior which involves chronic exposures to stress. Because the display of negative cognitive bias can be sex and age-specific, he uses different methods to examine this depressive symptom and will examine sex and age-specificity in treatment outcomes. Travis is also devoted to mentorship and providing a safe environment for trainees to enjoy science.


  • Ph.D., Brock University
  • M.A., Brock University
  • B.A., University of Manitoba (Honors)

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Travis Hodges, new faculty at Mount Holyoke, conducts research on sex differences in stress, as well as how stress affects cognitive bias in rats — and, potentially, humans.