William Seigh


  • Distinguished Visiting Professor of Dance
  • Chair of Dance
William Seigh in 2023 on the Mount Holyoke College campus. Photo by Joanna Chapman.

William Seigh’s creative research includes choreography of solo and ensemble dances for the concert stage, theatrical stage direction, and choreography of video dance installations. While teaching for over thirty years at multiple colleges, he traveled throughout the United States and Europe as a modern dancer, choreographer, and teacher. Later, serving as Provost at institutions with strong arts programs and as President of a national non-profit dance organization, Seigh worked to develop excellence in teaching and leadership - seeking to apply the creativity and skills he realized first as an educator and artist. He continues to engage in creative collaborations, administration, and advocacy for arts and education.

Areas of Expertise

Seigh’s creative research includes choreography and performance, stage direction, video dance, and administration and advocacy for arts in education.


  • MFA University of Colorado Boulder
  • BA San Francisco State University