Ying Wang

  • Felicia Gressitt Bock Professor of Asian Studies
Ying Wang standing outside on the Mount Holyoke College campus

Ying Wang came to Mount Holyoke College after a teaching circuit that included Beijing Language and Culture University, Smith College, McGill University, Princeton University, and Middlebury College.

Wang is specialized in the fields of Chinese language and literature and has authored three Chinese language textbooks and numerous research articles on Ming and Qing vernacular fiction. She is also one of the editors for two Chinese linguistic and pedagogical volumes. Her recent scholarship includes the nineteenth-century imitation and adaptation of The Story of the Stone in fiction and the performing arts (such as ballad and theater art), and Li Yu’s seventeenth-century chuanqi plays.

In her publications, Wang explores how rewriting, as a response to literary models of the past, became the fundamental dynamic of textual production for innovation and iconoclasm in Chinese fiction in the nineteenth century, and how adaptation in performing arts played a vital role in dissemination of the eighteenth-century masterpiece, The Story of the Stone, at the turn of the twentieth century. Wang’s article on Li Yu’s play The Companion of Loving Fragrance probes Li’s rhetorical strategies of inversion and self-reflexivity.

Wang is similarly active in the field of Chinese language pedagogy. She has recently led two research projects sponsored by the Five Colleges, Inc., including one on “blended learning” and one on online learning. Wang is the founder of the MHC-CSI Summer Intensive Chinese Program at Peking University, and she also helped with launching the MHC spring abroad program at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics.

Wang teaches a wide variety of Chinese language and literature courses, including a 300-level seminar on The Story of the Stone, a 200-level course on traditional Chinese drama and Yue Opera, a first-year seminar on representative works of modern Chinese literature, and a 200-level course on contemporary Chinese fiction.

Areas of Expertise

Pre-modern Chinese fiction (seventeenth to nineteenth century); traditional Chinese drama; women in Chinese literature; Chinese language teaching pedagogy


  • Ph.D., M.A, University of Toronto
  • M.Ed., University of South Carolina
  • B.A. Beijing Normal University

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