Be Well Ambassadors

Photo of two Peer Health Educators working at a PHE recruitment table

The Be Well Ambassadors (formally known as MoHealth Peer Health Educators) is a peer education group dedicated to providing accurate health and wellness information, fostering open and safe environments, debunking assumptions, and reaching out to the diverse communities of Mount Holyoke College.

The group's goal is to help students develop the tools needed to make more informed choices and to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. They actively engage students in the wellness topic areas such as alcohol and other drugs, violence prevention, sexual health, stress management, body positivity, nutrition, sleep and self-care through workshops, interactive tabling, online campaigns, and campus events.

Photo of Peer Health Educators conducting a workshop

Be Well Ambassador Workshops

Be Well Ambassadors facilitate scheduled workshops and M&C activities across campus in our four key topic areas of health and wellness.

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Jennifer Balut, Interim Be Well Director 

What Be Well Ambassadors are saying

Lily James ’21

Lily James '20

I have always been interested in topics of healthy relationships and sexual health, and had several opportunities to engage with those topics in high school. I was really looking to continue with and expand on this work in college, and Be Well Ambassadors was the perfect way to do so. I love the mission of the group and find that a lot of our programming has been really creative, thought-provoking and engaging.

Sam Neally ’19

Sam Neally '19 with the wheel

I joined Be Well Ambassadors (BWA) because I wanted to learn how to better provide people with education and access to health topics. Through BWA, I've learned how to engage members of my communities with health in creative, thought-provoking ways. BWA is a life-changing organization because it helps people grow to teach themselves and others - on campus and beyond!

Aizpea Murphy ’18

The best part about being a BWA is being able to interact with the community in a way that is fun and informative. I love being able to give people more tools to lead healthier lives.