Career in Engineering Leads to 14 U.S patents

Lydia credits MHC with helping her become a strong leader in a field with few women

Academic focus: Physics major

Lydia is currently employed at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory where she is the Division Director for Mechanical Engineering and Technical Services Division in the Accelerator Directorate. Her work includes managing over 150 engineers and technicians in order to keep the accelerator up and running. Lydia received her Ph.D. in Nuclear Science from Cornell University and since then she has been an engineer for over 25 years. She began her career with work related to computer chips and worked with various companies leading up to her current position, throughout that time gaining 14 U.S patents! 

Lydia reflects that her experience at Mount Holyoke College helped support her in becoming a confident leader, especially in a field where other women were often scarce. A lot of her work has involved these skills which allow her to communicate effectively with others.

Lydia also encourages students that you don’t have to go to graduate school to find a career. Having worked in industry herself for many years, she says that there a ton of interesting opportunities available beyond what students often see in academia. Lydia is also willing to communicate with students who would like advice regarding future plans.

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