Gendered Violence Student Project (Spring 2014)

Students work in groups and create a poster or a short video for a campaign against gendered violence.

Course: Special Topics in Identities and Intersections (SPAN-230)

Instructor: Professor Nieves Romero-Diaz

For this project, students analyzed different campaigns against gendered violence in Spain during the last 25 years and studied the key components of a good campaign.

At the end of the semester, students worked in groups to create a poster or a short video, (no more than 35 seconds), for a specific campaign of their own. This is the video, one group (Jill McLeavy, Amelia Neumayer and Michelle Bernardino), made as a final project. Each project was accompanied by a reflective paper that explained their choices (the slogan, the wording and the images), and the audience in mind.