Guiding students in sharing math knowledge

Mount Holyoke MAT Mathematics student, Mary Sartorio, writes “I needed to investigate my role in planning for and supporting intergroup knowledge mobility while working in random groups of three.”

Mary Sartorio, MATM’24, Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics, recently published an article in Edutopia titled “Guiding Students to Share Math Knowledge with Groupworthy Tasks.” In the article, Sartorio talks about how she built on the work done by Peter Liljedahl in his book “Building a Thinking Classroom” and Illana Horn in her book “Strength in Numbers: Collaborative Learning in Secondary Mathematics” to increase student engagement in groups and improve their skills in sharing and borrowing ideas in mathematics.

Sartorio’s article started as capstone project for her course, Advocacy for Math Teacher Leadership. However, her work became much more in-deth and let Sartorio to publish an article that details what a group-worthy math task is and shares a survey she used to collect data on knowledge mobility. In addition, Sartorio, a math specialist at an independent school in New Jersey, shares a firsthand account of trying out a group-worthy task in a classroom within her school and its direct impact on students.

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