Unlocking Social Intelligence

Blythe Shilperoort was a presenter at LEAP Symposium 2020 and shares a bit about her internship experience.

Whether it’s a #ad on your Instagram feed, a double-page spread in Vogue, or a friend raving about their most recent purchase, we are targeted by brands and an ever-increasing amount of goods and services. It is clear that consumer voice has an incredibly significant impact on a company’s success and measuring and marketing this data is becoming more and more in demand.

Social Standards, a tech company working with social data and market analytics to provide consumer insights to their clientele of CPG companies and investors, is revolutionizing consumer data. I was lucky enough to intern with them this past summer as a Data Systems Intern. I supported the DMS (data management systems) team with various language processing related projects, working within the Beauty, Personal Care, Fashion/Apparel and Beverage Alcohol market verticals.

As a French and Art History major, I never imagined that I would be working at a tech company, however, I found my experience to be incredibly formative and now feel more emboldened than ever to fearlessly take on new challenges, whatever they may be.