Ayca Zayim

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Economic Sociology; Sociology of Globalization and Development; Sociology of Finance; Political Sociology; Research Methods

Ayca Zayim is a sociologist whose research interests lie in economic and political sociology, and the sociology of globalization and development. Her broad research program focuses on how the rise of finance in the last few decades contributes to social and global inequalities. In particular, she is interested in the workings of financial power under globalization, with a focus on the Global South. Based on extensive field research in five different cities across three countries (South Africa, Turkey and the U.K.), her doctoral work unpacked the power dynamics between global finance and the central banks of South Africa and Turkey. Her research contributes to policy debates about global inequality and developing economies’ room to maneuver under financial globalization. She employs both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Zayim’s research has been supported by the Center for Engaged Scholarship, the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy, and the Mellon-Wisconsin Fellowship, among others. Her previous research explored a range of topics, including worker cooperatives in the U.S., the role of the state in economic development in India, and displacement and housing rights in Turkey.

Zayim has taught courses on introductory statistics and research methods. She is dedicated to helping students develop their skillsets and ultimately apply this knowledge to real-world problems. She believes that the tools they learn in her classroom empower them to critically assess what is often taken-for-granted.

Recent Publications

Zayim, A. (2020). Inside the black box: credibility and the situational power of central banks. Socio-Economic Review. Advance online publication. https://doi.org/10.1093/ser/mwaa011.

Zayim, A. (2014) “Differentiated Urban Citizenship and Housing Rights: Analysing the Social Impacts of Urban Redevelopment in Globalizing Istanbul.” International Planning Studies 19(3-4): 268-291.

Zayim, A. (2011) “Worker Cooperative Case Study: Isthmus Engineering & Manufacturing”, University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Cooperatives Staff Paper No 9 October (with Michael Billeaux, Anne Reynolds, and Trevor Young-Hyman).