Faculty Resources

Faculty play an integral role in the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing (SAW) Program’s efforts to promote excellence in speaking and writing at the college level and beyond. Working closely with faculty across the disciplines helps to strengthen our Program’s mentoring work and outreach effort.

The SAW Program provides support for Mount Holyoke faculty across campus in their work with student speaking and writing:

Introductions, a visit from SAW: Often requested at the beginning of the semester, this 10-15 minute presentation introduces students to the Speaking, Arguing, and Writing Program at Mount Holyoke College.  Included in this presentation are tips for getting the most out of a SAW session, how to book an appointment, and how to navigate our web-based resources.  Our goal throughout this presentation is to help better prepare students for utilizing the resources we have to offer at the SAW Center.

Course mentoring program: Each semester, the SAW Program pairs SAW mentors with faculty partners to provide mentoring support to students in particular writing- and speaking-intensive courses across the disciplines. To learn more about the course mentoring component of the SAW Program, please click here.

Mentor nominations: Faculty members are encouraged to nominate any Mount Holyoke student, including first-year, ESOL, international, and Frances Perkins scholars, to apply to apply the Program.