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MoZone is a social justice peer education program led by trained students who provide hands on training and facilitate interactive dialogues.

Meet the Peer Educators

Allison-Ping Benguiat

Allison-Ping Benguiat ’22


“I joined MoZone because I'm interested in helping students and staff build a strong foundation in issues of social justice. Being a peer educator is a great way to build upon skills such as compassion and critical thinking, all whilst connecting with the Mount Holyoke community in an engaging educational environment.”
Emi Wilson

Emi Wilson ’23

“I‘m thrilled to be a part of MoZone as a Peer Educator. The work MoZone does gives me hope, and I appreciate always getting to learn from and connect with others in this work as well.”
Grace Wason

Grace Wason ’23


Grace joined MoZone to widen their understanding of Social Justice work and its place in the Mount Holyoke community. They also feel that MoZone offers a safe and compassionate environment for transformative discussions regarding diversity, equity and inclusion. This has been pivotal in their own growth, and they are excited to bring that education to other members of the community.
Kate Murray

Kate Murray ’22


“I took Mount Holyoke’s weekend-long Intergroup Dialogue course on race and racism during my first semester. It got me thinking about how one’s individual identities and the ways in which they intersect shape how they perceive the world and how the world perceives them. I became certified as an Intergroup Dialogue facilitator, which led me to join MoZone! I’m passionate about bringing important conversations regarding identity, intersectionality, diversity, and inclusion to the MHC community because I believe they offer immense opportunities for growth and empathy, both individually and collectively.”
Sonya Carrizales

Sonya Carrizales ’23


“I am originally from Colorado and Wyoming. I enjoy writing songs, going on walks, doing yoga, and playing board games with my family in my spare time. I joined MoZone to learn more about social justice activism and promote an equitable, inclusive community at Mount Holyoke.”
Kayla Scott-McDowell

Kayla Scott-McDowell ’24

“I became interested in MoZone because I wanted to continue my advocacy and work in social justice. I also wanted to deepen my knowledge on how to make an inclusive environment for everyone. I am excited to be part of a group that makes a difference!”
Lasya Priya Rao Jarugumilli

Lasya Priya Rao Jarugumilli ’23

“Attending a diverse institution like Mount Holyoke has taught me a lot about the world of social justice, but has also made me think critically about how people from different races, countries, cultures, ethnicities, religions, and walks of life can engage with each other and work together to create a better world. With MoZone, I’m learning to ask the important questions and to find answers in people’s stories, in books, in podcasts, in poetry, and even in my own past experiences. I’m especially interested in the intersections of class, nationality, race, gender and sexuality, among a world of other things including world politics and quantum mechanics!”
Maille Romulus

Maille Romulus ’24


“I joined MoZone because I believe we all have a responsibility in conquering white supremacy. I believe the work we do in MoZone actively making the campus a safer, inclusive, and respectful place.”
Maitreyi Subedi

Maitreyi Subedi ’23


“I joined MoZone because I want to help the Mount Holyoke College community develop to be an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcomed. I also want to widen my own knowledge of social justice and learn how to make a positive impact in my community.”

“You cannot change any society unless you take responsibility for it, unless you see yourself as belonging to it, and responsible for changing it." — Grace Lee Boggs

Our Mission

To increase awareness of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion issues on campus by providing students with shared language and knowledge.

Our Purpose

To provide students with tools and knowledge about the available resources within Mount Holyoke and surrounding communities; create a shared understanding of difference and diversity of experience at MHC by providing a space where students can engage in difficult conversations about issues of diversity and social justice


To create and circulate social justice education curriculums, and other educational programmatic initiatives facilitated and coordinated by trained student leaders and educators by:

  • delivering 2-3 hour modules/ workshops particular topics at the request of the various students, student organizations, offices and departments;
  • sponsoring various educational programs (i.e., Allyship week, More Than An Ally Panel);
  • supporting and assisting students in navigating peer to peer cross-cultural conversations;
  • facilitating workshops during campus visit days and new student orientation;
  • and, organizing awareness campaigns which support current social justice issues on campus, the surrounding, national, and global community.


The MoZone Peer Education Program currently offers the following workshops: 

  • Foundations of Social Justice
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Race and Racism
  • Nationality and Nation of Origin
  • Religion and Spirituality

These workshops can be presented to student organizations, residence halls floors, living learning communities, student leadership groups, peer education groups, class rooms, and more.

If you or your group would like to participate in one of the workshops listed above, please fill out the workshop request form.

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The Office of Community and Belonging provides programs that support social justice education, dialogue, celebration and identity development.

Latrina L. Denson
  • Associate Dean of Students, Community and Belonging
  • Deputy Title IX Coordinator (Students)