The Gates to MHC at sunset.

Introduction and College Information

Letter from Marcella Runell Hall

Vice President for Student Life, Dean of Students

Dear student,

I am thrilled to welcome you as a member of the Mount Holyoke College community. Whether you are starting your first year, transferring from another school or joining us as a Frances Perkins Scholar, I am so glad you are part of our community! I am also very excited to welcome back our returning students. Mount Holyoke is a special place, with a tremendous legacy of promoting diversity and inclusion, women-centered leadership, civic engagement and academic excellence.

The Student Handbook serves as a guidepost for all students — new and returning — regarding important aspects of the community and what makes Mount Holyoke unique. My hope is that you will use its contents to learn about campus traditions, services available to you and the important community guidelines that have been created to promote a healthy and safe campus for all students.

Thank you for choosing to be on this journey with us at Mount Holyoke. As you find your own pathway to success, please know you have a committed group of faculty and staff behind you, ready and willing to support you this academic year.



A Statement on Academic Responsibility 

The decision to join this academic community requires acceptance of special rights and responsibilities that are essential for its effective functioning and the realization of its mission.

All members of the community share the responsibility to uphold the highest standards of academic and personal integrity, community engagement, and commitment to principles of equity and inclusion that are central to the mission of the College. Failure to accept and act on this responsibility threatens the rights of the rest of the community by undermining the trust upon which the community is built.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators assume a commitment to the academic community that supports teaching and learning in an open environment based on mutual trust, respect, and concern. All members of the community have the right to careful and constructive analysis of their work, and they have the responsibility to provide a serious response to the work of others.

Each member of the academic community has the right to benefit from its collective knowledge and resources as well as the responsibility to contribute to them. Failure to adhere to these principles and standards may result in sanctions.

— Adopted from the Academic Honor Board’s Statement of Policies and Procedures

General College Information

Leadership and Mission

Statement of Community