Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a compilation of campus policies, procedures and practices that have been created to foster a social and living environment that is respectful, accountable and responsive to the College’s diverse community. The Student Handbook is one of many good sources of information about the College. You should also consult the Bulletin and Course Catalog for the academic regulations of the College and the Residence License Agreement for general standards and expectations of living in any student housing owned and provided by Mount Holyoke College.

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The Honor Code

I will honor myself, my fellow students and Mount Holyoke College by acting responsibly, honestly and respectfully in both my words and deeds.

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Introduction and General College Information

Learn some basic information about the ways we will prepare you for a life of thoughtful, effective and purposeful engagement in the world.
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Student Life and Engagement

Information and policies related to cocurricular activities, campus programming and health on campus.
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Inclusion at Mount Holyoke

We strive to build and maintain a campus environment that is inclusive, pluralistic and free of discrimination. Learn how.
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Honor Code and Community Responsibility

Learn about your responsibility to uphold the honor code, which is central to life on our residential campus.
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Policies and Procedures

We have many policies in place that are meant to keep you and others safe on campus. Find these and other policies in this section.
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Residential Campus

The residential life staff is here to support you while you live on campus. Learn about your responsibilities to help keep our community safe.
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Student Accountability

Learn about the College disciplinary process, the honor code council and academic honor board.
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Campus Resources

Find information about the Academic Centers, Financial Resources, Student Employment, AccessAbility Services and more.
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Discrimination and Harassment Policies

We are committed to providing an educational environment free from discrimination, harassment and retaliation. View our policies and reporting structures.

This handbook is official notification of cocurricular policies, regulations and standards of conduct. Enrolled Mount Holyoke College students are responsible for knowing, understanding and abiding by the policies, regulations and standards of conduct described here. A student’s enrollment is considered to be their acceptance of all conditions specified in this handbook. 

It is not feasible for the College to list every policy and protocol on campus, as the College is a dynamic enterprise evolving in response to the needs of students. Students must take the responsibility to reach out to the appropriate office should they have questions regarding use of departmental services, facilities or programs. 

The College reserves the right to change any of the policies, rules, regulations and standards of conduct at any time as necessary in the interest of the College. The College also reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of the services, programs or activities described in this handbook. 

This handbook is maintained and updated by the Division of Student Life. The PDF versions of this document are a point-in-time reference to the College’s policies and procedures.

Please note: The information in this handbook is generated based on normal college operations. In the event of a crisis, pandemic or other emergency, policies and procedures may be modified or eliminated to accommodate the needs of the College. New documents or policies based on emergency needs will supersede any policies or procedures outlined in this student handbook.