Community-Based Learning

Learning in and with our communities

If you can’t wait to start making a difference, you’ve come to the right place. Community-Based Learning (CBL) pairs Mount Holyoke students, faculty and staff with local leaders in South Hadley and beyond to collaborate on internships, research and service projects that have a direct, positive impact in our communities. You’ll also be able to learn from on-the-ground practitioners and understand how to apply the ideas, theories and models you learn in class. A CBL experience breaks down the barrier between the classroom and the real world, enhancing your understanding of current social issues both locally and nationally, and helping you grow the leadership, organizing and advocacy skills that are vital to change making at all levels. And for our community partners, CBL fosters sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships that support local organizations and help them thrive.

The core components of the CBL program include student employment opportunities, tutoring and mentoring opportunities and community partnerships.